12/25/17 Grimal Grove

Grimal Grove is a rare tropical fruit park in Big Pine Key, Florida. Some of the only species of trees in the world are found on this property. Hurricane Irma hit big pine key on September 10, 2017 and Grimal Grove is still trying to rebuild. Patrick Garvey did not evacuate, despite warnings, to prepare for the storm and save as many of the rare trees as possible. They still lost over 100 trees.  

7/20/17 The Urban Vegetable Project

We visited with Moses Kashem and Mary Johnson of the The Urban Vegetable Project at Florida International University in North Miami, Florida. The project is supported by the US Department of Education Upward Bound Math-Science program. Read the full story... 

7/18/17 Fruit and Spice Park

Homestead, FL

In this episode, we eat our way through Miami Dade's Fruit and Spice Park. We left covered in mango juice and pulp, mosquito bites, and sweat but couldn't be happier. Read the full story...


7/14/17 David Young Capstone Community Gardens and Orchard

Lower 9th Ward, New Orleans, LA

In this episode we talk with David Young of Capstone Community Gardens and Orchard and profile a few of his 20 properties that are producing food in the food desert of the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. Read the entire story...




7/11/17 @Foxxotron's Central Texas Rainforest

Central TX

In this episode, we visit Jason (@foxxotron) and Lindsay's (@backyardparadise) ten acre permaculture style property in Central Texas. Two 15,000 gallon rainwater harvesting tanks feed their  4,000 square foot tropical greenhouse and orchard. Read the entire story..

7/10/17 Joe's Organics, Austin's Food Recycler

Austin, TX

We were invited to tour Farmer Joe Diffie's (@joesorganics) commercial composting facility and market garden. He has been Austins Food Recycler for over 5 years. He is working with 50 local restaurants, composting over 6,000 lbs of their food waste weekly! He uses that compost to grow food, including specialty microgreens, to give back to Austins residents and Chefs. Read the full story..

6/11/17 The Hoppy Goat Farm

Cornville, AZ

Tony Kasowski tours The Hoppy Goat Farm with owners Lyndsay and Eric Ludden, discussing animal husbandry tips and tricks as well as permaculture techniques. This homestead in Cornville, Arizona is growing a little oasis in the high desert with an artesian spring, wild mushrooms, and organic gardens on the beautiful Oak Creek. We are incredibly excited to see it grow!