Making Pickles with Fox10 AZ AM

Making pickled Brussel sprouts with @carmenblackwellfox10 on @fox10phoenix Pickling is actually one of the things that got me into gardening. My good buddy Ray Stephens has a little pickling company out of Pine, AZ and I actually started slanging pickles at farmers markets about ten years ago! In the video I’m pickling Brussel sprouts which are one of my favorites, but you can also ferment their vegetables with an airlock like the one pictured. I’ll post a link on my story. But guys, people have been pickling and fermenting for ages and it’s a really great skill to learn/have with all this downtime and uncertainty. Plus when I was at the grocery store there was an abundance of fresh veggies, so why not can them yourself?! You can only watch tiger king so many times 😉 I personally recommend fermenting over pickling due to the beneficial bacteria that are present, but love me some vinegar pickles too. Also, rule of thumb is dill pickles no sugar and bread and butter or sweet pickles include sugar. Have an amazing one all and also be sure to check out the interview I did yesterday with @thephoenixenigma on YouTube it was very informative and fun! Much love all! ✌️💚🌱🥒

Tips and Tricks for Growing Peppers and Tomatoes on Fox10 AZ Am

Peppers and tomatoes are some of the most coveted garden treats out there! I have found multiple folks that actually dedicate their entire gardens too these night shades and spend months preparing. Many times though, success is hindered by poor planting techniques. One thing I always recommend is to pinch the first blossoms or buds off the plant. This allows the plant to mature more and be more capable of producing fruit. Another common mistake I see is planting the plants too high in the soil. You want to make sure that you get those plants all the way in the ground and I actually recommend burying the stem a little bit, as that will create more roots and again, make for a stronger plant. Another tip is to feed your plants, I recommend starting with a ‘Grow’ or higher nitrogen formula to encourage leafy green growth and then switching to a ‘bloom’ fertilizer to aid in healthy blossom and fruit production. For the beginner I would recommend growing smaller varieties like cherry or grape types, as they don’t take as long to produce giving them a mathematically less chance of getting attacked by critters. One more thing I didn’t get to is let these plants dry out between watering. You are going to have a lot more problems for over watering then under watering. And lastly, always mulch! Mulch is going to help build and protect your soil while minimizing water use. As always thanks to @fox10phoenix for having me on and you all for your continued support! 🙏🙌🌱🍅🌶

Fertilizing and Protecting your Citrus from Frost

Tonygrowsfood is on fox10 AZ am discussing the importance of covering your citrus in when frost hits. Also general tips for fertilizing and tree management.

Mushroom 101 on Fox10 Phoenix Az

Mushrooms in the desert?! You betcha, and they are really a great addition to any home and or garden. Today we talked briefly on how to grow the mushrooms and also prepared one of my favorites, the lions mane. The texture is similar to crab because of its stringy, yet chewy compositions, and with a little garlic, butter and salt, it really is a winner in the kitchen. Thanks again to Fox for having me on, and letting me teach a thing or too about that fantastic fungi life. And @sylestefox10 I didn’t burn the butter 😉 hope you all have an amazing day and thanks again to @southwestmushrooms for the beautiful and tasty specimens! 🙏✌️💚🍄👌

Planting Winter Greens with Fox 10 Phoenix AZ AM

Greens are my favorite! And while most of the country is dealing with ice on their windshields we can plant iceburg lettuce! This time of year you can plant from seed or started plant and really grow an amazing array of crops. I personally prefer from seed but you are definitely getting a jump start from the plant starts. Let me know if you all have any questions and thanks to all the new followers! Have an amazing day all! ✌️💚🌱

2019 Heirloom Exposition Presentation – Cool Gardens in a Hot World

Tony’s lecture at the 2019 Baker Creek Heirloom Expo detailing how to successfully grow food in hot climates.

Farm to Spoon – Tony Makes Soup Stock

Fox 10 Phoenix

Tony using garden fresh herbs to make soup stock on FOX10 Phoenix AZ Morning!

Tony Kasowski Talking Fall Planting on Phoenix AZ AM

Fox 10 Phoenix

Tony Kasowski talking fall planting tips in Phoenix with Marcy Jones of Fox 10 Phoenix.

Tony Kasowski on Monsoon Planting

Fox 10 Phoenix

Tony Kasowski (@tonygrowsfood) on Fox 10 discussing monsoon tips and tricks with Carmen Blackwell.

Tony Kasowski on QVC

QVC Network

Tony Kasowski (@tonygrowsfood) on QVC displaying the Growoya, an in-ground watering system that saves 70% more water than traditional irrigation.

Tony Kasowski on Growing Food in Small Spaces with Syleste Rodriguez

Fox 10 Phoenix

Tony Kasowski (@tonygrowsfood) on Fox 10 Phoenix with Syleste Rodriguez discussing how to grow food in small spaces and his upcoming container gardening class at Sphinx Date Co. in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tony Kasowski on Farm Trippin

Urban Farm U

Chatting with friends on his social media about their farming activities and garden projects got to the point where Tony Kasowski decided he needed to just go see some of those farms and gardens for himself.  We hear his plans for this summer, when he is going on a road trip to see farms, where he will learn new things and share some knowledge & skills along the way.  The cool part is that he is going to share the adventure with the rest of his social media friends. Read more…

Tony Kasowski talking about St Vincent de Paul Urban Farm Phoenix, AZ

KPL Studios

@TonyGrowsFood talking about the Urban Farming program in Phoenix, AZ that contributes tens of thousands of fresh grown produce to he working needy and homeless. Thanks to @Kyleledeboer for the film and edit

5 Metro Phoenix Growers and Farmers to Follow on Instagram

Phoenix New Times 

@TonyGrowsFood/ Tony Kasowski showcases adventures in vegetables, mulch techniques, composting, and farm animals like rabbits and chickens on his personal account. Kasowski is the founder and operator of Grow Kale, which focuses on ecologically and chemical free fruit and vegetable garden/orchards. He’s worked on multiple farms and also teaches urban-farming classes. Read the full story here.. 

Soil of Promise

St. Vincent de Paul

Serving the poor and giving others the opportunity to serve. St. Vincent de Paul has been helping families living in poverty in Phenix since 1946.

Tony Kasowski on Charitable Growing

Urban Farm U Podcast 

Tony grows feed for people in need. Tony’s connection to gardening is simple: He loves to eat and prepare his meals from his own garden. To Tony, gardening has become a necessity for true health. Read more…

St. Vincent de Paul Urban Farm Harvests Health and Community

Downtown Phoenix Journal

Farm-to-table food is not usually associated with the work of charitable kitchens, but the Urban Farm at St. Vincent de Paul just south of downtown Phoenix helps make locally sourced, sustainable and nutritious meals accessible to those who need them the most. Read more… 

St Vincent de Paul Garden in Phoenix Serves and Inspires

Phoenix New Times 

About a month ago, one of our favorite growing Instagrammers, Tony Kasowski, (@TonyGrowsFood) posted this update along with photos:”Spent the morning at St. Vincent De Paul Watkins campus, building garden beds, and harvesting chard with some amazing people! Also got an opportunity to tour the facility which provides over 4,000 meals daily, and over 400,000 food boxes yearly. On top of that there is an incredible array of resources including a dental clinic, showers, spiritual guidance and more. So stoked to be a small part of such an awesome organization.”

After that, we had to find out what was growing at the campus, just off the I-17 in South Phoenix. Read more…

Tony’s Garden  Talking Trash

City of Phoenix

Reimagine Phoenix TV correspondent Terry Gellenbeck meets with Tony Kasowski, an entrepreneur and expert gardener who has made composting a part of his daily life. Tony talks about how he composts in a large scale and what he grows in the St. Vincent De Paul garden using his compost.

SVdP Provides Fresh Produce to Feed the Hungry

The Catholic Sun

Not every meal at St. Vincent de Paul’s five dining rooms comes from a nonperishable box or a can. More and more of them are fresh from the organization’s own garden. Read more…