Tony Kasowski on Farm Trippin

Urban Farm U

Chatting with friends on his social media about their farming activities and garden projects got to the point where Tony Kasowski decided he needed to just go see some of those farms and gardens for himself.  We hear his plans for this summer, when he is going on a road trip to see farms, where he will learn new things and share some knowledge & skills along the way.  The cool part is that he is going to share the adventure with the rest of his social media friends. Read more...

Tony Kasowski talking about St Vincent de Paul Urban Farm Phoenix, AZ

KPL Studios

@TonyGrowsFood talking about the Urban Farming program in Phoenix, AZ that contributes tens of thousands of fresh grown produce to he working needy and homeless. Thanks to @Kyleledeboer for the film and edit

Soil of Promise

St. Vincent de Paul

Serving the poor and giving others the opportunity to serve. St. Vincent de Paul has been helping families living in poverty in Phenix since 1946.

Tony Kasowski on Charitable Growing

Urban Farm U Podcast 

Tony grows feed for people in need. Tony’s connection to gardening is simple: He loves to eat and prepare his meals from his own garden. To Tony, gardening has become a necessity for true health. Read more... 

St. Vincent de Paul Urban Farm Harvests Health and Community

Downtown Phoenix Journal

Farm-to-table food is not usually associated with the work of charitable kitchens, but the Urban Farm at St. Vincent de Paul just south of downtown Phoenix helps make locally sourced, sustainable and nutritious meals accessible to those who need them the most. Read more... 

SVdP Provides Fresh Produce to Feed the Hungry

The Catholic Sun

Not every meal at St. Vincent de Paul's five dining rooms comes from a nonperishable box or a can. More and more of them are fresh from the organization’s own garden. Read more...