In this episode, we visit Jason (@foxxotron) and Lindsay’s (@backyardparadise) ten acre permaculture style property in Central Texas. Two 15,000 gallon rainwater harvesting tanks feed theirĀ  40,000 square foot tropical greenhouse and orchard. Read about how they got started from Jason below:

“Hi… I’m Jason ..In 2006 I started growing my own food as a way to gain food security and eat organic produce cheaply. The first crop I ever grew was strawberries. I started with strawberries for several reasons… first, organic strawberries are expensive. Also, strawberry farmers are often treated poorly and exposed to toxic pesticides so I figured that growing my own would eliminate the need to buy food that was produced by these means.

The strawberries were so good that I continued to expand my small front yard garden to incorporate any food crop that I wanted to eat, no matter how exotic or strange. At the time, I was living in the city of Austin and had a small yard in front of my recording studio.

As time went on I started to really have success with the garden and by 2007 I started the first green sugar apple seeds in containers. By 2010 I had potted peach trees, plums, star fruit, avocados, mangoes, and many veggies growing all over my 1/4 acre yard. The love of growing my own food grew and grew (pardon the pun) and eventually I started looking for more land to start a proper farm to call my own. All of those potted trees moved with me when I found a 10 acre property in Central TX.”