Farm Trippin is an enlightening social media campaign to bring awareness to small scale agriculture throughout the United States. We showcase different ecological and chemical free methods and techniques for growing food.

We feel our current food system is plagued with lack of integrity and a veil of secrecy. The society we live in has become disconnected from where their food comes from. We plan to showcase ways to grow mindfully, while featuring the individuals and their stories behind growing food.  Along the way we exchange thoughts and ideas to grow each other.

Photo by Allan Henry


Tony is the founder of Grow Kale, which allows him to consult, educate, design and build ecological and chemical free edible spaces privately. 

Tony is the co-founder and previous manager of the St. Vincent De Paul Urban Farm in Phoenix, Arizona. The farm provides over 50,000 pounds of fresh produce to the needy and working homeless, while diverting over 400,000 pounds of organic waste from the city landfills through their compost initiative.


Shana is a novice farmer. She has been fighting a daily battle with the fat, free range, organically fed gophers that inhabit her current space. She is also the editor of the Farm Trippin episodes. 

Green bean is a 2 year old Chihuahua, Coyote, Kangaroo mix. Her favorite activity is playing with rocks. She will spend hours taking rocks from any body of water and putting them on the shore. She has a sophisticated culinary palate, so don't be offended if she turns her nose at your treat.